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REALIZE™ Band Surgery

REALIZE BandHow It Works

The REALIZE™ Band is a flexible and adjustable silicone band that is surgically wrapped around the stomach, reshaping it into two chambers:

  • A small upper stomach chamber is connected to a lower stomach chamber through a narrow opening.
  • After the surgery, the upper stomach chamber can only hold four ounces of food, making a patient feel full sooner than usual.
  • The lower stomach chamber does not need to be filled for a patient to feel full.
  • The band slows the flow of food into the lower stomach, which also slows overall digestion.
  • The size of the band can be adjusted after surgery by adding or removing fluid from within the band via an injection port and tubing.

Benefits of REALIZE™ Band Surgery

  • Less invasive than traditional gastric bypass surgery
  • No stomach stapling, cutting or rerouting of intestine function
  • No risk of intestinal leakage or “dumping”
  • Comes with an online tool called RealizemySuccess™ to help you set goals and keep track of progress

Factors to Consider with REALIZE™ Band Surgery

For best-case-scenario weight loss after surgery, patients need to have monthly follow-up appointments with their surgeon for the first year. In addition:

  • The REALIZE™ Band will need to be adjusted three to five times in the first year.
  • Patients who are sweet eaters may have a harder time losing weight.
  • If a patient overeats, he/she may regurgitate or feel uncomfortable.